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Summer Program Component


June through mid July

During the summer, NMSU Upward Bound students will participant in one of two summer programs.  Students will receive one elective credit on their high school transcript if they successfully complete the summer program.

NMSU Upward Bound Summer Program

It is required that program participants complete a six week summer program that is designed to simulate a college-going experience.  During the summer, students will gain exposure to college life by:

  • Being on the NMSU campus, Monday through Friday from 8:15am—3:00pm
  • Attending classes in English, Math, Science, Foreign Language and an Elective
    such as Test Strategies, Computer Technology, Health & Wellness, or the Arts.
  • Participating in various cultural events and educational activities
  • Visiting college campuses, academic departments and learning about degree programs

Students have the opportunity to EARN a summer stipend which is based on attendance, participation and completing summer courses.