Academic Year Component

September to April

During the fall and spring semesters, students in the NMSU Upward Bound Program, participate in a variety of activities aimed to ease the transition from high school to college.

1. After-School Group Meetings

The advisement meetings are designed to give the student an opportunity to meet with an Upward Bound Coordinator TWICE a month for an hour to complete activities/exercises pertaining to academic enrichment, career awareness, ACT/SAT test prep, and/or college admissions/financial aid requirements. Meetings are conducted after school on the campus of NMSU, GHS, or STHS.

2. Saturday Academic Sessions

Students will meet on the NMSU campus ONCE a month on a Saturday to receive supplemental instruction. Sessions begin at 8:30am – 2:00pm. Students will participate in classes which are aimed at enhancing the student academic skills in English, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Test Strategies and College/Cultural Enrichment.

3. Student Leadership Activities

Throughout the course of the year, students will serve on committees that promote leadership, communication, planning, and organizational skills. These committees will meet to develop projects, detail timelines, and identify resources needed to carry out proposed projects. Students will have the opportunity to interact with others in cultural and social activities such as:

  • UB Student Ambassadors
  • TRIO Day Service Learning
  • Community Service Projects
  • Student Leadership Conference

4. Regional College Visits

Students with good participation and attendance will be invited to visit various institutions of higher education.

5. Information Sessions & Workshops

These workshops are designed to inform both the students and their parent(s) about program expectations, college preparation, career awareness, family resource management, teen years, and provide information pertaining to the post-secondary entrance (admissions, financial aid, testing, etc.).

6. Incentives

Students have the opportunity to earn a fall, spring, and summer stipend upon successful completion of year-round activities.