Bridge Program Services

Students in their senior high school year receive assistance with the following services:

  • Complete admissions process; researching degree programs & selecting a major
  • Visit regional universities
  • Register for the ACT & SAT college entrance exams and receive test preparation
  • Attend financial aid and financial literacy workshops
  • Complete the FAFSA application and financial aid process
  • Apply for various scholarships
  • Register for new student orientations
  • Enroll in Student Support Services

Bridge Residential Summer Program

After high school graduation, students will complete the summer Bridge Component which provides participants with services and activities including college courses that aid in the transition from secondary education to post-secondary education.

Students enroll at NMSU and take Freshmen English, Freshmen Year Experience, or a general education course during the summer session totaling 7 college credit hours. Students live on campus and receive mentoring, and tutoring, complete an internship with a department on campus and register for fall courses.